Top 10 TestRail alternatives with Zebrunner on top

Test case management is the process of organizing and managing QA activities to deliver a high-quality software product. TestRail is considered one of the most popular test case management tools. However, when choosing the right business application for your QA process, it is essential to evaluate the features of the various software solutions available on the market. Doing this prior to making a decision helps ensure that you make the right choice in terms of functionality and cost.

Let's look into alternative companies, their strengths & weaknesses, and define which fits your needs best.

All competitive information is based on open source data and current market knowledge and is considered to be accurate However, if you find that the information is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us at so that we can make the necessary updates.

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Type of clients
All segments, from one user to Enterprise
All segments, from one user to Enterprise
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From SMB to Enterprise
All segments, from one user to Enterprise
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In-cloud &
In-cloud &
In-cloud &
In-cloud &
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- is a test case management tool for organizing and tracking QA activities.

  • Creation of structured test plans & organization of test cases into suites and sections.
  • Easy to create, clone, move, and reuse tests.
  • Simple import of test cases from other tools.
  • Ability to create multiple test runs for a single test suite.
  • Easy to keep track of the passed, and failed cases.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Great tool for collaboration with peers.
  • Marking system, review system.
  • Integration with issue trackers and test automation.
  • Integration with other tools: while TestRail integrates with many popular bug-tracking and development tools, some tools are not natively supported.
  • Defect option feature.
  • Test case filtering system & search function issues.
  • Creating a milestone with multiple test runs is a bit complicated.
  • Inability to reuse test cases across multiple projects.

Zebrunner Test Case Management

- is an organized test management space aimed to simplify & streamline manual QA processes.

  • Intuitive interface & easy navigation.
  • Seamless data uploading from other tools.
  • Test cases can be united into suites and sub-suites, with no limits on the number of cases.
  • Quick cases adding feature to optimize the workflow.
  • Shared steps for easy maintenance & bulk updates.
  • Trash bin to protect critical data from deletion.
  • Custom test case layouts for different needs.
  • Multiple test repository & test case views.
  • Rapid test results with deep insights & status graphs.
  • Test runs labeling through test configurations setup.
  • Quick issue linking to test cases in a test run for achieving complete traceability &  visibility of testing.
  • Single-Sign-on for secure and convenient access.
  • Ability to upload test automation results to the system from 3rd party reporting tools.
  • Great support team, but still there is no help section bar in the app.
  • Need customization options like night mode, the custom selection of theme.


- is a flexible and scalable test management solution with tight Jira integration and great customization and standardization capabilities.

  • Smooth integration with Jira: ability to support numerous projects simultaneously – up to 200000 test cases. 
  • Smooth integration with other test automation tools & third-party apps for dashboard and reporting.
  • Simple import of test cases from MS Excel.
  • Reporting Test Case Management Traceability.
  • Reports and customizable dashboards in real-time. Convenient & fast result review.
  • Ability to easily create test cases, test plans, and test cycles.
  • Separate section for Behaviour Driven Development or BDD test cases which is very useful for Agile projects.
  • Ability to build up a library of test cases with version control and re-use them for each regression or smoke test cycle.
  • Global repository for test cases that can be shared across the company.
  • UX is quite difficult and the flow of the process can become tedious especially if needs to be done multiple times.
  • The price bites. The inconvenient system for purchasing licenses.
  • The test search feature can be improved and better search filters are needed.


- is a comprehensive tool for manual & automated teams to track & manage all testing activities.

  • User-friendly app, that is easy to use & navigate.
  • Comprehensive traceability: ability to manage a complete life cycle of projects starting from requirement gathering to defect logging and defect verification.  
  • Built-in Defect Management module.
  • Insight feature gives an overview of your progress with total defects, defects rejection and also defects quality.
  • Different representational modes to see the summary in form of charts or graphs.
  • Easy reports generation. Ability to download the defect report graph into any format and share.
  • Ability to reuse tests across various projects.
  • Integration with a variety of tools & add-ons incl. Jira, Trello, Asana.
  • Automation integrations with Selenium and API endpoints services.
  • Good support service.
  • Lack of automated testing reporting.
  • The performance of the overall app should be improved (slow).
  • The response time for the API calls.
  • Sometimes filter does not show the correct results.

Tricentis qTest

- is a complete test management solution to manage the entire QA process from start to finish.

  • Easy migration from spreadsheets.
  • Simple UI to write and manage test cases.
  • Integration with multiple third-party tools.
  • Built-in centralized test management.
  • Easy-to-configure workflows that trigger updates across Agile and DevOps tools.
  • Customizable dashboard & built-in reports on defects.
  • Good option for exploratory and session-based testing.
  • User management is very easy across projects.
  • Version control & test execution recorder.
  • Color coding & data query feature.
  • Not very user-friendly.
  • Frequent production issues.


- is a cloud testing platform for manual & automated teams that allows to track requirements, test cases & issues in 1 place.

  • Very simple to integrate with Jira, Atlassian, w/Clickup and other automation tools.
  • Easy uploading of test cases from Excel.
  • Test traceability: automatic creation of issues from runs based on information detected by QA engineers.
  • The integrations and exploratory tests module.
  • Test parameters, test set permutations and call-to-test feature.
  • Convenient way of organizing and storing test cases.
  • Features for uploading steps and evidence.
  • Test execution and defect raising.
  • Customizable dashboards & reports generation.
  • AI-powered test value score.
  • Excellent customer & support service.
  • The UI is not modern and user-friendly, UX also should be improved.
  • Different issues with filters (creation, organization, functioning).
  • The search feature could be better.
  • Saas only, no on-premises version.


- is a complete test management software with everything from the requirement to bug status in one place.

  • The app is intuitive and very easy to set up & use.
  • Good import & export of test cases.
  • Features: cloning of test cases & test runs, updating & moving test cases.
  • Requirement & risk management.
  • Customizable reporting with lots of filters and visualization capabilities.
  • Integrated issue tracking.
  • Traceability matrix report.
  • Ability to integrate with test automation tools.
  • The customer service team is very approachable.
  • Lack of priority variable in test cases.
  • Inability to edit the numbering of test cases.
  • Lack of GitHub & Gitlab integration.
  • Absence of workflow management.
  • The limited roles available within the tool.


- is a centralized test management tool, a single solution for automated & manual testing teams.

  • Modern solution with good UI & ease of setup.
  • Easy import of existing test scenarios written for different test frameworks (like Jest,, CodeceptJS, Codeception (for PHP) and ability to update them via API directly on the CLI.
  • Smooth integration with Jira, automation frameworks & other management tools.
  • Simple to start using especially from the automation side.
  • Ability to convert manual tests into automated once..
  • Extensive analytics & reporting capabilities. Transparent reporting for manual QA and non-technical persons.
  • No-code support.
  • Easy customization.
  • Bulk test case creation.
  • Support team is reactive and helpful throughout the setup & the usage of the product.
  • New features are delivered regularly.
  • VSCode extension availability.
  • BDD & Gherkin support.
  • The first step into the tool can be complicated for non-digital users.
  • Not a large user base: could be difficult to find community help or solutions for common problems.
  • The UI can get slow in case of heavy CI/CD heavy.


- is a cloud-based test management software to manage test models, create test plans & conduct manual test runs.

  • Clean, modern and intuitive UI.
  • Good navigation: the ability to share test cases & the various views of the test suite, including the mind mapping view.
  • Easy to set up and configure working environment as well as to learn and manage multiple projects.
  • Support of various file formats for uploading.
  • Simple to use and work within multiple aspects: test case creation & sharing, editing options, drag and drop the UI elements, cloning.
  • The ability to write test case steps using Gherkin.
  • Easy customization: ability to add or remove fields/components in test cases according to the needs.
  • Customizable dashboards with actionable insights.
  • Sharing reports using the Express Runner.
  • Team is very responsive.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Weak integration with automated testing.
  • Requirement management is not efficient.
  • There is no functionality for exploration testing.
  • Inability to choose the number of projects on the list.
  • Issues with test cases filtering.
  • Need improvement in configuration management.

QA Touch

- is a test management platform for businesses of all sizes and domains.

  • Easy to export & import test cases.
  • Simple organization of test cases & test case execution with a live status.
  • Mapping of Test Cases to JIRA requirement.
  • Ability  to maintain the activity logs for better traceability.
  • Writing and managing BDD test cases.
  • Comprehensive reporting with metrics and statistics.
  • Agile board for collaborating and syncing.
  • Helpful support staff.
  • Not very intuitive.
  • Lack of integration capabilities (including automation frameworks).
  • Search functionality could have been improved.