Device Farm

Ensure the most consistent user experience across a variety of devices. Enable reliable, user-focused and bug-free mobile app development. Test on real devices to identify compatibility issues, improve quality, and reduce cost.

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What is Zebrunner Device Farm?

Wide range of devices

Build a device fleet that meets your testing needs, providing users with the ability to test on a variety of configurations. Access any device easily through the web interface and get full access to device manipulation, logs, screenshots and videos.

Automatic device wiping

Zebrunner Device Farm runs each device in an isolated environment and wipes it after each test cycle, erasing all data and configurations. Device is restored to its original state, ensuring that no residual data remains.

Automated testing

With Zebrunner Device Farm, users can leverage parallel automated testing capabilities to run multiple tests simultaneously on different devices. It reduces testing time and costs, while improving testing efficiency and the overall quality of mobile applications.

Manual testing

Devices can be easily detached from the cluster when you need to use them for manual testing. Device is available straight from your browser and ready for the live testing. Once it is connected back - it is up and running automatically.

When do you need Zebrunner Device Farm?

You want to speed up your release cycle

Zebrunner Device Farm enables testing of your application on multiple devices simultaneously. With access to a range of devices, testers can quickly identify compatibility issues and resolve them before the release.

You want to focus on your business, not on device maintenance

By using Zebrunner Device Farm you can free up resources and avoid the distractions of maintaining an in-house device farm. This enables you to focus on core business objectives, such as product development, innovation, and customer engagement.

You need to provide a good user experience on a wide range of devices

Zebrunner Devices Farm gives you access to a wide range of mobile devices and IoT gadgets including smartwatches, sneakers and clothing. This ensures that you can test your applications on a diverse set of devices, guaranteeing compatibility across multiple platforms.

You need to guarantee secure access to the devices

Being IPSEC compliant and following data security regulations, Zebrunner Device Farm offers secure testing environments that protect user data and intellectual property, ensuring that the testing process is safe and reliable.

What do we offer

Cloud and On-Premise options

We can install the infrastructure on your premises or provide it in our cloud. Our expert team provides support throughout the process to ensure your testing needs are met.

No device sharing

We do not share devices between multiple customers, guaranteeing users access to secure and clean testing environments: no waiting in queues, no bottlenecks for your release cycles.

Round-the-clock access

Our device management interface allows users to manage and control device access, usage, and availability, ensuring that testing can be conducted on demand and with minimal downtime.

Reporting integration

Accelerated process with Zebrunner Testing Platform: report and analyze the results via an intuitive interface. Collaborate with the team, share reports and feedback, improving efficiency and productivity.