Cross-browser compatibility testing

Automated testing of 1000+ versions of different browsers and operating systems, and combinations of all of these.

Ensure your app
works properly

Cross-browser testing is the testing type when you verify if your software works correctly on different browsers and their versions. It is used for both web and mobile applications. This way you can ensure that your app works consistently and displays correctly across all browsers.

This testing type allows you to detect and fix problems on time. Before release, you know that your software is displayed and works correctly in different versions of different browsers.

Zebrunner solutions for cross-browser testing

Zebrunner Selenium Grid

This is a must-have tool if you want to test the correct operation of your application on all possible browser versions. Selenium grid allows you to do this quickly through parallel thread running. Perform 1000+ threads at the same time to get fast results and not delay the release. Take advantage of fast scaling without additional expenses paying just for the time you use the tool.

Zebrunner CyServer

The solution for running tests in parallel within Cypress technology. Execute cross-browser testing and get results up to 1000 times faster in comparison with sequential test execution. The tool makes sure that your app works as expected on all possible browsers and their versions within minutes. Reach clear reporting with customized dashboards and numerous widgets. Monitor any metrics important for your project.

Zebrunner Testing Platform

All-in-one testing platform for a fast and efficient testing process. Manage all QA processes with one tool. Create and edit test cases for manual testing, and organize them into test suites using the drag-n-drop feature. Run automated tests, analyze failures and identify their root causes with the help of AI/ML technology. Get reporting on all your QA activities in one place.

Top features of cross-browser testing

Unlimited test threads

Achieve fast scalability without release delay. Run tests on an unlimited number of parallel threads. Just imagine when you run your tests on 1000 threads in parallel, you will reduce the testing time by 1000 times. This way you can fix bugs faster and speed up the release.

Flexible pricing

Perform cross-browser testing and pay for the time you use the tool. Let's say you have 100 tests, the average duration of each of them is 3 minutes. You pay for the hour you use our solutions. If the cost of one hour is $0.25, you will pay $1.25.

Smart reporting

You don't have to spend hours collecting data from different sources and creating reports for all stakeholders. Choose widgets and customize the metrics you need to get automated reporting as soon as you perform your tests. You do not need to additionally build graphs and charts, the software will do it for you and visualize in the most understandable format.

Multiple browser versions availability

You can't know exactly which browser with which version your customer is using to access your product. Test the application on many different browser versions to ensure a successful user experience. Cross-browser testing allows you to check the compatibility of your software with thousands of versions of different browsers.

AI/ML failure analysis

AI/ML technology is easy to train to correctly recognize the causes of bugs found. Use this to achieve the highest possible accuracy in automatically categorizing your test failures. ML also helps to understand the root causes of failure.