Selenium Grid

Increase test coverage, reduce execution time, and scale test automation efforts with efficient resource utilization. Save costs, improve quality, and speed up time-to-market. Get faster feedback and identify bugs faster.

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How does Zebrunner Selenium Grid work?

Cross-platform testing

With Zebrunner Selenium Grid, you can test your web application across multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices, enabling you to cover more scenarios and ensure your application is fully functional across various platforms.

Efficient resource utilization

Parallel testing with Selenium Grid ensures that you are using your resources efficiently by running tests simultaneously on multiple machines, which can help reduce idle time and increase the efficiency of your testing process.

Faster test feedback

Cross-platform testing helps to increase the coverage and ensures that your application works as expected on all platforms. This helps to speed up the test feedback loop, allowing faster identification of defects and quicker delivery of high-quality software.

Easy results analysis

With Zebrunner, debugging becomes effortless as it equips the testing team with numerous test artifacts and leverages AI/ML technology to categorize errors. This leads to increased team productivity and enables quicker and safer releases of applications.

When do you need a Zebrunner Selenium Grid?

You want to test your app on different browsers and OS

Zebrunner Selenium Grid helps you test applications on all possible combinations of the client environment. With Zebrunner, you reduce the testing time significantly and find bugs quicker.

You want to speed up execution without compromising the coverage 

Zebrunner Selenium Grid can run up to 1000 threads simultaneously. It is particularly useful for large-scale projects, where testing needs to be conducted efficiently and quickly.

You want to reduce testing costs and improve the efficiency of the process

Zebrunner helps to reduce test execution time and increase test coverage allowing you to save costs associated with manual testing and improve your time-to-market.

You want to improve the quality of your web application

Be it smoke tests, sanity tests, regression tests, or any other type of testing, Zebrunner Selenium Grid has got you covered. This allows you to deliver high-quality software in a shorter time frame, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and increased business revenue.

What do we offer

Zebrunner Selenium Grid allows you to:

Easy scaling

As your business grows, you may need to increase your test automation efforts. With Zebrunner, you can easily scale your testing infrastructure by adding more nodes to the grid and execute more tests staying within tight deadlines.

Client-oriented approach

If you prefer to host the infrastructure on your own servers, we can provide you with an on-premises version of our product. If your product requires a specific testing approach, we can work with you to create a custom plan that aligns with your needs.

Flexible pricing policy

We offer transparent pay-per-use pricing: you only pay for the testing resources you actually use, making Zebrunner a cost-effective solution for test automation.

Quick start of testing

Upon completing the registration process, Zebrunner provides you with a grid URL and credentials.Set those in your tests and start testing in the cloud immediately.


1 vCPU per minute
2 credits
1 GB per minute
2 credits
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