Selenium Grid

Run tests without delay and get intelligent reports on their results. Take advantage of elastic pricing and pay only for the time you use it. Enjoy fast scaling and unlimited numbers of threads.

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What is Zebrunner Selenium Grid?

Test script connection

Zebrunner Selenium Grid connects your test scripts to numerous remote physical and virtual machines with various browsers and operating systems through a server.

Running the tests in parallel

The tool distributes tests across multiple machines that run automated scripts in parallel. Thus, you significantly speed up your testing process.

Test execution

Zebrunner Selenium Grid is ideal for efficient and fast browser & OS compatibility testing. This ensures your application will work correctly on both legacy and new platforms.

Reporting on test results

Zebrunner simplifies debugging by providing the QA team with many test artifacts and classifying the errors with AI/ML technology. You get deep analysis and understanding of the root causes of test failures.

When do you need Zebrunner Selenium Grid?

You want to test your app on many browsers and OS

Zebrunner Selenium Grid helps to test your application on all possible combinations of the client environment. With this tool you reduce the time for testing essentially and find bugs quickly.

You plan to execute a massive stack of tests in parallel

Zebrunner Selenium Grid can run more than 1000 threads in parallel. This way, you boost the test execution speed significantly, save your time and efforts.

You have limited timelines

Zebrunner Selenium Grid can run a suite of 100 tests on 4 distinct threads. This is 4 times faster than if you ran the tests sequentially on the same thread.

You execute different tests

Zebrunner Selenium Grid allows executing UI tests for your smoke, sanity, and regression testing.

What do we offer

Zebrunner Selenium Grid allows you to:

Start running tests right away

If you run tests in the cloud, you can get started with Zebrunner Selenium Grid without delay. After registration, you get an URL and credentials, set it in your tests and start testing.

Get a customized solution

If you prefer to host infrastructure on your servers, we will offer you an individual plan for using the product on-prem. You can also get a custom plan if your product requires a specific setup or testing approach/strategy.

Control tool costs with elastic pricing

You pay for the usage only. It means that the higher the level of your plan, the lower the cost of using the tool.

Achieve rapid scaling

The resources and power of the tool allow you to launch hundreds of threads in a matter of minutes and see the test results. There are no limits on threads, you can run up to 1000 and even more if your product needs it.

Supported frameworks