Test Case Management

Create & manage test cases, perform test runs & track the results via an intuitive user interface. Link issues directly to test executions for reaching traceability and visibility of testing process.

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Streamlined test case management

Accelerated test case creation & organization

  • 'Add quick case' feature for rapid test case creation
  • Shared steps functionality for simplified future maintenance
  • Cloning & re-usage of test cases according to your requirements
  • Drag-n-drop feature for quick moving of test suites, test cases & test steps
  • Import of existing test cases from other test case management tools with a single click

Adaptive layout that meets your needs

  • Rich-text editor for formatting test cases with advanced options
  • Multiple test steps with deliverables & their own attachments
  • Custom test case layouts to address non-standard needs
  • Test case priority selection for efficient scheduling of the delivery process
  • Automation state indication for convenience & additional way of categorization

Improved test runs & results management

  • Creating test runs by choosing test cases & adding configurations, environments & milestones
  • Assigning tests & setting the results via bulk actions in 1 click
  • Quick issue linking to test executions for reaching traceability & transparency of testing
  • Ability to load test automation results from other reporting tools
  • Rerunning test cases to check changes quickly after bug fixes

Intuitive UI for fast & productive testing

  • Split-screen & full-screen test case views for quick navigation between test cases
  • Different repository views for simplifying work with a large number of suites and cases
  • Quick search & smart filters within one panel for easy navigation & finding the necessary information
  • Visual charts for monitoring the execution progress at a glance

Why Zebrunner Test Case Management stands out

Modern interface & easy navigation

Zebrunner Test Case Management tool allows you to work with your app test documentation in the most intuitive & organized way. Multiple interface views, quick search & filtration — for your convenient work with test cases, test suites & test runs.

Simple migration from other tools

You can generate test cases using our clear UI or import existing suites. Simply upload data from spreadsheets or 3d party sources into Zebrunner Test Case Management tool in a single click.

Flexibility & functionality

System works well for agile & traditional project management approaches, allowing for greater customization & scalability. Enables you to quickly create test cases with custom fields, reuse & group them into test suites in a structured manner.

Traceability & visibility of testing

Perform test runs with ease, set the results & view summaries backed by graphical charts. Create new issues on the fly directly from Zebrunner Test Case Management tool or link already existing ones to a test case execution.

Bringing together manual &
automated testing activities

Zebrunner Test Case Management is a part of Zebrunner toolkit along with Zebrunner Automation Reporting. Achieve more efficiency and continuous traceability throughout your testing life cycle by leveraging these modules together.

Zebrunner Test Case Management
Zebrunner Automation Reporting