Test Case Management

Create and manage test cases, perform test runs and track the results via an intuitive user interface. Link issues directly to test executions for reaching traceability and visibility of the testing process.

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Streamlined test case management

Simple test case creation and organization

  • Easily import test cases from third-party systems
  • Quickly increase coverage by cloning cases and reusing steps
  • Rapidly create cases and checklists using the 'Add quick case' feature
  • Speed up reorganization of suites, cases and steps with the drag-and-drop
  • Avoid test documentation redundancy using test case variables

Customizable layout that meets your needs

  • Configure distinct layouts for different projects within organization
  • Customize test case layout and fields to meet your specific needs
  • Present the data the way you need with rich text formatting
  • Create test steps with their own expected results and attachments
  • Define priorities for cases to indicate risks and importance

Easy test runs and execution management

  • Plan test phase by defining cases and configurations to test
  • Distribute test cases among team members to speed up acceptance
  • Easily link defects to failed tests improving requirements traceability 
  • Track automated results together with manual ones for a complete QA picture
  • Speed up the cycle by retesting impacted functionality only once the fix was delivered

Do more in less time with intuitive UI

  • Navigate between test cases quicker with split-screen test repository layout
  • Switch repository view to simplify work with ever-growing test documentation
  • Find relevant information fast combining search queries and attribute filters
  • Speed up routine operations with bulk actions
  • Keep track of test run results and completeness with progress bars

Why Zebrunner Test Case Management stands out

Ease of use

With its modern interface and intuitive navigation, Zebrunner Test Case Management makes working with your test documentation a breeze. Enjoy multiple repository views, quick search, and filtration options that allow for convenient management of your test cases, test suites, and test runs.

Simple data migration

Zebrunner Test Case Management supports data import from spreadsheets and other third-party systems, streamlining the migration process and making it easy and straightforward. This makes the transition quick for businesses with minimal disruptions to their operations.

Test case layout customization

With the ability to customize the test case layout according to testers' preferences, Zebrunner Test Case Management enables testers to highlight the most relevant information, remove unnecessary fields, and improve readability. This improves the effectiveness of testing, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Requirements traceability

Zebrunner Test Case Management enables more effective testing by enabling testers to link test cases to specific requirements. This ensures that all requirements are tested and that any defects or issues identified during testing are properly recorded and tracked back to their source.

Bringing manual and automated
testing into a single workspace

Zebrunner Test Case Management allows for native integration with Zebrunner Automation Reporting, bringing together manual and automated testing activities in one workspace. This integration boosts testing efficiency and enhances traceability throughout the development cycle, providing a comprehensive solution for testing needs.

Zebrunner Test Case Management
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