Get results of your Cypress tests faster thanks to parallel execution with CyServer. Achieve full visibility of testing by getting access to screenshots and video recordings of any test execution.

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How does Zebrunner CyServer work?

Splitting the test suite

CyServer splits your test project by spec files. Then the system automatically assigns each spec file to an available worker for execution.

Parallel test execution

CyServer will utilize the power of parallelization to significantly reduce test execution time and deliver results faster.

Cross-browser testing

Running tests across multiple supported browsers guarantees a great user experience for your target audience.

Results reporting

Collect test execution results in one place for further inspection. Get to the exact point of failure by analyzing captured screenshots and video recordings.

When do you need Zebrunner CyServer?

You need to reduce test execution time

Sequential execution can take 100x and even 1000x more time than parallel one. Run tests on many virtual machines simultaneously to build a fast testing workflow.

You want to accelerate continuous delivery

Harmonious & fast development and testing ensure a fast release. With CyServer, development and testing processes can happen simultaneously. You will write more code and it will be of the highest quality.

You perform cross-browser testing

One of the key options of CyServer is the ability to test the application on a variety of browsers and their versions using the same test scripts.

You want to speed up failure analysis

CyServer allows you to capture screenshots and access full video recordings of tests you execute.

What do we offer

Flexible pricing

Pay only for the time you work with the system. Let's say you have 1000 tests, the average duration of each of them is 3 minutes. You pay only for the minutes you use the tool, the cost of one hour starts from $0.25.

Access via cloud or on-prem

Execute tests with our tool without compromising your data security. If you are not ready or unable to run tests in the cloud, we will prepare a plan for you to use the product within your infrastructure.

Fast scaling

Forget about the fear that your testing tool may not have enough capacity as the product grows. In order not to delay the release, use the ability to run an unlimited number of threads. You can execute even thousands of threads in parallel if you need.

Reporting integration

We offer an easily connected reporting platform to manage all your testing activities in one place. Perform cross-browser & cross-platform testing and use the benefits of Zebrunner Testing Platform smart reporting.