Our mission

We help organizations build an effective and reliable Quality Assurance process.

We believe that test automation is crucial to true continuous delivery and business success. Our products allow teams to benefit from the automation they already have and make sure that results are trustworthy and delivered fast.

We deal with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing engineers to focus on what really matters - creation of innovative products and brilliant experiences.

Automation is meant to make things easier and save time - so let's make sure that your test automation does exactly that.

Our story

Before we even started Zebrunner we were providing quality assurance services to our customers - and we know how challenging it is to pick the right tools to perform all required kinds of testing tools that are easy to adopt, set up and deliver the best value for money.

To offer a solution we started our own open-source test framework - Carina. It was designed with simplicity of adoption yet powerful testing features in mind. Carina provides capabilities to perform Web, Mobile and API testing - all using just one framework. It quickly became popular among engineers and to this date is backed not only by our team, but by contributors and testing communities.

While working with Carina users we felt a need for a test results reporting and analysis solution, that would be unified and not locked to some particular framework or vendor. And that's how the Zafira story started - something that would later become Zebrunner - our flagship product, that got another warm welcome from users all over the globe.

Now Zebrunner is a company that provides an ecosystem of solutions and services, helping teams to build an effective automation that allows them to deliver high-quality products fast and with confidence.

Our Path

November 2013

Release of Carina Test Framework 1.0 that covers Web, API and Mobile testing needs

December 2015

Launch of Zafira Reporting that provides tests results analysis at glance

October 2017

Launch Zebrunner Device Farm
in our European data-center

July 2018

Launch of Zebrunner scalable Selenium Grid with no limit on parallel threads

September 2020

Launch of Zebrunner Testing Platform
for unified test management and execution

January 2021

Integration of all products into one QA ecosystem

Zebrunner in numbers

Tests analysed
Quality reports generated
Engineer time saved

Highly Recognized by QA Community


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