Testing Platform

Unified test management and automation reporting hub.
Plan, execute, analyze and report all testing activities in a single workspace.

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Create & format test cases as you prefer via rich-text editor
Save time organizing test cases & test suites with drag-n-drop feature
Easily navigate through test cases by switching between various repository views
Perform test runs and assign them to different users in a click with bulk actions
Quickly set the results and link issues directly to test executions
Receive real-time insights via various activity charts
Access the statuses of your tests, monitor priorities & assignees via quick filters
Run Web, APIs, Mobile tests in parallel with no thread limit
Test the most recent browsers & platforms on real devices, simulators or emulators
Analyze failures with detailed test results: logs, screenshots, interactive videos
Identify the root causes faster with AI/ML
Detect flaky tests & find recurring bugs via test history line & stability indication
Visualise advanced metrics in the automation results (defects count, failure by reasons, test coverage)
Automatically link executions to corresponding test cases to get comprehensive quality reports
Enhance the security with flexible access policies for different testing teams & their members in 1 place
Achieve continuous feedback & transparency within the teams via shared workspace with all test results, tools & integrations
Establish end-to-end traceability of all your testing activities in a single place
Check the health of automation with real-time analytics
Easily track release progress & timeline by leveraging milestones
Get state of quality at glance via live dashboards with multiple metrics

Simple in every QA aspect


Create test cases: define the inputs, expected outputs, and preconditions for each testing scenario. Structure your documentation tree by grouping cases into suites. Simplify maintenance and avoid boilerplate with variables and shared steps.


Outline release acceptance phase: define milestones, environments, test plans, runs and configurations. Distribute work among team members, configure automatic triggers of automation executions.


Launch tests via UI. Perform test runs on defined testing configurations. Track results of both manual and automated test executions: set results, link issues and record related artifacts, such as screenshots, logs and video recordings.


Keep a full history of test executions and related artifacts. Benefit from AI-powerd results classification for simpler analysis. Visualize trends and perform root cause analysis. Share quality reports with other team members and outside stakeholders.

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Why companies switch to Zebrunner?

Centralized QA hub for manual & automated testing that is seamlessly integrated into the entire SDLC

Platform modules (test case management, automated testing, advanced reporting, execution environment) are self-sufficient and might be used separately

Tracking & managing the processes within a user-friendly interface & streamlined app structure

Built-in AI/ML failure analysis facilitates a bug detecting & fixing process

Unified analysis of test automation created in any test framework

Simple migration from any other tool