Top 10 Perfecto alternatives with Zebrunner on top

Automation testing platforms help to speed up the releases and ensure that your application is flawless and bug-free. Perfecto is one of the tools that helps to test mobile and web applications on various devices, browsers and operating systems, analyze test failure results and create reports. Apparently you are already familiar with it and are looking for alternative tools to make your QA and automation testing process even more transparent, productive and cost-efficient.

Zebrunner is an all-in-one automation testing platform that provides scalable test execution, automated AI-based failure analysis, transparent ROI of test automation. You can integrate it with tools you already use, check your project health in one click with live dashboards, debug several times faster with interactive video sessions, published logs and screenshots.

All competitive information is based on open source data and current market knowledge and is considered to be accurate However, if you find that the information is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us at so that we can make the necessary updates.

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Applications under test
Web, Mobile
Web, API, Mobile
Web, Mobile, API, desktop
Applications under test
Applications under test
Applications under test
In-cloud or on-premise
In-cloud or on-premise
In-cloud or on-premise
In-cloud or on-premise
Provided platforms for parallel test execution
Windows, MacOS,Android, iOS, virtual machines
Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ​​virtual machines
Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ​​virtual machines
Not provided
Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS,virtual machines
Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, virtual machines
Automation Frameworks support /languages
Appium, Selenium, XCUITest, Espresso, Cypress, Quantum
Carina, TestNG, PyTest, Appium, JUnit, JUnit5, Cypress, NUnit, Playwright, WebdriverIO, Robot
Katalon Studio (on Groovy/Java)
Cypress (JavaScript)
Frameworks on JavaScript, Python, VBScript, Delphi Script and JavaScript
CI/CD tools, Bug tracking and Test management tools, SSO tools, project management tools, test automations tools
CI/CD tools, Cloud providers, Bug tracking and Test case management tools, SSO tools, notification services and team communication apps
CI/DevOps, Execution Platforms,Test Management, Communication tools
CI/CD tools, bug/task tracking systems, communication tools
CI/CD tools, bug tracking, Test Management tools
CI/DevOps,bug tracking, collaboration and communication tools
AI/ML failure analysis
Free plan available


- is a cloud-based solution for web and mobile app testing across multiple platforms and devices with reporting and analytics capabilities.

14 days ​​free trial available
Custom plan feasible
  • Scalable automation and parallel testing across a large number of devices and browser/ OS combinations with both real and virtual options through Perfecto Mobile and Web Test Lab.
  • Using Perfecto scriptless features and BDD testing automation framework Quantum allows to extend the automation for teams with any skills including non-technical testers. They can even automate complex scenarios such as image injection and accessibility testing.
  • ML-powered  automatic detecting and classifying errors.
  • Recorded videos, screenshots, crash logs and reports (with heatmaps and CI dashboards) are very helpful for debugging the issues and raising the defects to developers.
  • Fairly good customer support with quick response.
  • Integrates with various test automation tools and frameworks.
  • The platform presupposes the usage of Perfecto environments -  Mobile and Web Test Lab.
  • The problems with performance. The environment, the response time of the mobile device as well as the software update are rather slow.
  • The process of device reservation and delete reservation as well as API availability is quite difficult.
  • Not all plans support the required functionality.

Zebrunner Testing Platform

- is a comprehensive platform for running automated tests for Web interfaces, APIs, Windows desktop and mobile apps with test analytics and advanced reports.

14 days ​​free trial available
Custom plan feasible
  • Scalable testing environment.You can run thousands of tests on real devices, browsers, and emulators in parallel using various testing solutions in Zebrunner: Zebrunner Selenium Grid, Zebrunner Device Farm, BrowserStack,Sauce Labs, LambdaTest, TestingBot.
  • AI-based analysis. Allows to detect the failures automatically. AI/ML on the basis of stack traces understands the reasons of the test failures and assigns the certain labels (infrastructure, business issues, etc).
  • Failure reasons analysis with rich artifacts. Allows engineers to identify the issues via Interactive video sessions, published logs and screenshots as well as detect flaky tests using a test history panel.
  • Live dashboards with advanced metrics. Helps to analyze test coverage, pass-rate, test automation growth, submitted bugs and other variables through ready-made or custom dashboards.
  • Support for several projects. Zebrunner allows QA managers to monitor the performance of several testing teams in a single organization workspace.
  • Integration with multiple third-party tools and frameworks. It supports Carina, TestNG, Pytest, Appium, JUnit, JUnit5, Cypress,NUnit test automation frameworks. Zebrunner also integrates with CI/CD tools, Cloud providers, Bug tracking and Test case management tools, notification services and team communication apps.
  • Attractive, functional and intuitive application interface to work with.
  • Integration with codeless automation tools is under development and not available at the moment.
  • Difficult tool for users without technical background.

Allure TestOps

- is a Quality Management Platform solution for automated and manual testing allowing to create test documentation, store, run and analyze tests in one place in real time.

30 days ​​free trial available
  • All test related activities & processes (both manual and automated) are managed in one place.
  • Integrated with a great number of different programming languages, testing frameworks (+20) and CI/CD tools, bug/task tracking systems.
  • Quite good support by e-mail and telegram channel, big community for questions and troubles resolving.
  • Works smoothly with Android.
  • Different statistics collected from the test data are available in dashboards.
  • Difficult tool for beginners.
  • The new versions could break the previous functionality.
  • Lack of documentation and tutorials. Insufficient support for integration with iOS.
  • Currently only in-house hosting with a minimum of 5 user licenses is available.

Katalon TestOps

- is a comprehensive platform for running automated tests for Web interfaces, APIs, Windows desktop and mobile apps with test analytics and advanced reports.

Free for up to 2,000 test executions/month
  • Supports local and remote testing as well as parallel and sequential executions. 
  • Easily integrate with management platforms such as JIRA, TestRail, and TestLink, CI/CD and DevOps tools, collaboration platforms and execution platforms (SauceLabs, BrowserStack, Selenium Grid, and Kobiton).
  • Ability to test APIs without additional integrations.
  • Image-based testing. Has code-assist utilities like built-in object spy, code refactoring, and in-context references. It also offers a smart XPath location mechanism.
  • Screenshots and videos, execution logs, error messages, recording module for fast debugging
  • Real-time analytics dashboard and reports are simple to work with and useful for monitoring test quality, coverage, flakiness, etc.
  • Tool's interface is intuitive and easy to work with.
  • Access to a large number of materials - documentation, webinars, and videos, Academy courses.
  • Currently the only scripting language supported by Katalon is Groovy/Java.
  • Tech support for upper-level issues is quite slow and weak.


- is a test automation platform that provides real-time analytics in reporting, automated test results visualization and an integration with the existing test automation process.

Fully open-source solution
  • Easily integrate with different automation frameworks, platforms like Jenkins for continuous integration, Bug tracking systems like Jira or Rally.
  • Full-featured reporting management tool with custom dashboards, widgets, metrics.
  • The test cases are shown together with all related data like logs, screenshots, attachments, binary data, history data in one place.
  • Gives the ability to collaboratively analyze the test automation results.
  • AI-Analyzer module scans test results and detects the failure reasons.
  • More suitable for test reporting, not for test execution.
  • Currently not supporting Espresso with Android and limit support for XCUITest.

Cypress Dashboard

- is a SaaS web app for easy scaling test runs and debugging failed tests. Pairs with the open source Cypress Test Runner.

Free plan available for up to 3 users
  • Easy installation and usage of the tool, no complex software dependencies.
  • Compatible with all Continuous Integration (CI) providers and systems.
  • Provides Orchestration features for use in CI to speed up test runs, accelerate debugging workflows: parallelization, load balancing, run failed specs first, cancel test run when a test fails.
  • In-built functionality for capturing screenshots and videos of various test runs enables easy debugging.
  • Dashboards are very useful for tracking test results, flaky tests and the pass rate for each test.
  • Provides analytics with metrics like runs over time, run duration and visibility into tests suite size over time.
  • The Documentation with best practices is easy to read and understand.
  • Available only in Java Script and Typescript.
  • Recordings does not work properly on Gitlab Continuous Integration (CI) without customization. 
  • Integrated only with Cypress Framework.


- is a GUI test automation solution allowing to create reusable automated tests for for mobile, web, and desktop applications with recorded playback.

30-days free trial
  • Enables teams to script in multiple languages including JavaScript, VBScript, and Python, or  build complex tests without scripting via record and replay capabilities.
  • Has integrations with popular open source frameworks and tools like Selenium and SoapUI, with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Jira, as well as native support for BDD. 
  • Ability to execute tests in parallel across large number of remote test environments (including browsers, operating systems, and devices).
  • The AI object recognition tool enables detecting and testing the elements of various GUI, including PDFs and charts, as well as mainframe and SAP applications.
  • Automatically captured screenshots for failed test operations make it easier to identify the root cause of the problem.
  • Good user interface which enables to create and execute test cases easier.
  • Easy-to-Use tool for beginners, those who are not particularly strong in programming.
  • It is Windows-based application and thus cannot run on Linux/Unix systems and drive applications there.
  • Long delay in tech support responses.
  • Test reporting and analysis features are quite basic.
  • Highly-priced for smaller organizations.
  • The documentation is incomplete in such areas as scripting, script extensions, and plugins.
  • Not fully dpi aware, can have difficulties when operating multiple screens with different resolutions.


- is an AI & ML powered automation cloud-based platform for testing Web, Mobile, API applications with extensive Reporting to aid troubleshooting.

Free trial availble
  • Ability to speed up test execution times with testing in parallel in cloud.
  • Access to large number of browser/devices/resolutions.
  • AI powered no-code automation makes it easy for manual testers to take on test automation.
  • Ability to edit scripts using element locator feature. Ability to auto suggest various locators available for reaching the web element.
  • Machine learning based autonomous failure analysis.
  • Automatic identification and resolution of flaky tests.
  • Ability to record the web elements and re-execute. Instant test validations post recording scenario by executing scripts. 
  • Screenshots, videos and test logs are available for efficient debugging of failed tests.
  • Supports major DevOps tools (including Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab, Github, Azure DevOps, Circle CI), notifications via email, Slack and other collaboration tools. Integrates with bug tracking systems like JIRA.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging is difficult.
  • Test speed execution is not very quick.
  • Repeating issues with video capturing and network logs in Selenoid execution.
  • The documentation/knowledge base is quite poor.
  • Tool is difficult to use.
  • Absence of 24/7 support.

TestOS (by TestGrid)

- is a test automation platform for creating and executing automated tests in a no code environment for Web, Mobile and API apps.

Free trial available
Free plan for 1 user and 1 parallel available
  • People with non technical background could write test cases with ease due to its scriptless test case writer.
  • Parallel test execution across a variety of real, physical devices on the cloud and browsers on all OS versions.
  • Transaction analysis detailing performance on every user step.
  • Detailed insights into Network, Device, and App performance logs.
  • Web, Mobile UI, and API Performance Results with lots of metrics (Page Load Time, Time for First Packet, Data Size, App Memory Usage per Event, App CPU Usage per Event, etc.)
  • Reporting automation and notifications for every build.
  • Auto generates SAST report on every build execution.
  • Script less automation testing for voice-enabled devices like Alexa, Google Home etc.
  • Integrations with CI/CD, bug tracking tools.
  • Not fast technical support.
  • Troubleshooting problems might be time consuming sometimes.
  • Auto Heal feature is still in beta.

Tricentis Tosca

- is a platform with a low-code/no-code approach used to automate end-to-end testing for software applications with built-in real-time reporting.

Custom pricing model
Free trial available
  • Covers API testing, exploratory testing, mobile testing, regression testing, and system integration testing. It also supports performance testing through integration with NeoLoad.
  • Distributed execution. Ability to run multiple tests in parallel across distributed infrastructures and virtual machines.  
  • Integration  with other Agile and DevOps tools, including Agile planning, project management, open-source frameworks, continuous integration, and defect tracking tools.
  • Acceleration of test automation with AI-powered technology that can track controls on any technology in real time.
  • No coding skills are required. Easy to learn, to maintain, as well as automate. Many online courses are available  as well.
  • Own library files. Ability to create the objects in the libraries and reuse them. There is no need to create duplicate data for that.
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface.
  • Responsive technical support.
  • Tosca includes built-in real-time reporting. They also have a control panel for viewing additional information such as timing graphs and pie charts.
  • Not compatible with MAC or Linux devices.
  • Tool is quite expensive and the licensing is not simple.
  • Tosca's reporting features could be better.