Top 10 Katalon alternatives with Zebrunner on top

It is impossible to create a high-quality product without testing. Katalon is a popular open-source tool for automated testing that allows running various types of tests, getting reports with their results, and integrating with different tools. See top alternative tools to Katalon. Let’s look at what tools are available and what tasks, in addition to running automated tests, they can perform.

Zebrunner is a product that allows you to speed up automated testing many times over. Furthermore, it provides detailed and understandable reporting for the whole team and helps you quickly eliminate identified failures. Let’s see a full list of Katalon alternatives with their pros and cons.

All competitive information is based on open source data and current market knowledge and is considered to be accurate However, if you find that the information is inaccurate or out of date, please contact us at so that we can make the necessary updates.

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Applications under test
Web, API, Mobile, desktop
Web, API, Mobile
Web, Mobile
Web, Mobile
Mobile, Web, API
Mobile, Web, API
Supported Platforms
Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Supported languages
Groovy/ Java
Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, NodeJS, Groovy
Java, JS, C#, Python, Gherkin
Java, JS, C#, Python, Gherkin
C#, JavaScript, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby
Java, NodeJS, C#, PHP, Python, Puby, Perl
Source control, CI/CD, Cloud service, Test management tools, Communication tools
CI/CD tools, Cloud providers, Bug tracking and Test case management tools, SSO tools, Notification services and Team communication apps
Test automation tools, CI tools, Project & Test management tools, Performance and Load testing tools
Project management, CI/CD, Codeless automation, Team communication tools, Reporting/ Test management tools
CI/CD tools, Team communication tools, Bug tracking tools
CI/CD, Build and deploy tools, Developer tools, Project management tools, Team communication tools, Test case management tools
Advanced test reporting
Free plan available


- is a popular test automation tool, one of the most popular products in the test automation management segment.

  • Integration with CI/DevOps workflows and other tools. Users do not need additional extensions to run tests. The list of integrations includes source control tools, CI/CD tools, cloud service, test management tools.
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports. Analytics is displayed in the form of built-in easy-to-use reports that can be exported to PDF, HTML, Excel, or CSV.
  • Different types of testing. Users can run the following tests via Katalon Studio: Keywords-driven, Data-driven, API-testing, Cross-browser.
  • User-friendly graphical interface, available even for users without a technical background.
  • Training Materials. Access to many training videos and documentation for users: Katalon has a GitHub repository, a list of online courses on Udemy, and video courses on YouTube.
  • Free version for individual users.
  • Lack of scripting languages. 
  • Performance issues. Users report some bugs that make testing more time-consuming.

Zebrunner Testing Platform

- is an efficient test automation management solution that accelerates test execution, assists with analysis, and allows users to save time on testing.

  • Rapid testing. Zebrunner Selenium Grid can run up to 1000 threads in parallel. Using this tool, customers get test results tens or hundreds of times faster.
  • Clear test results. All analytical reports are available and understandable to the whole team. Customers see analytics on failed tests, the reasons for failures, and failures’ classification.
  • Multiple test artifacts (logs, screenshots, videos). They illustrate failures and help fix them faster.
  • Integrations with popular tools and frameworks. Zebrunner integrates with testing frameworks such as TestNG, Pytest, Carina, Appium, JUnit4, JUnit5, Cypress. Moreover, the product easily connects with bug tracking, CI/CD, and team communication tools.
  • Elastic pricing. Customers pay only for the time when they use the tool. The higher the level of your plan, the lower the cost of using the Zebrunner Selenium Grid. TestOps Plus plan allows users to get a 33% discount. 
  • Product line for different needs. Carina is a Web, Mobile, Windows desktop, and API tests automation framework. Zebrunner Selenium Grid helps to run cross-browser testing of web applications. Zebrunner Device Farm provides mobile application testing on real devices. Zebrunner Testing Platform gives reporting and analytics for automation testing.
  • No low-code.
  • Difficult tool for users without a technical background.


- is the leading platform for testing web and mobile apps. It enables users to run tests on real mobile devices, virtual machines, real Mac, and simulators and emulators.

  • Ease of setup and use. User-friendly UI is effortless to navigate.
  • Video and screenshots of test executions.
  • Good customer support and useful documentation. Perfecto team helps to quickly solve issues.
  • A large number of iOS and Android devices. Users can remotely run the device and install an application for testing.  
  • Customization. You can customize the platform based on your needs, to maximize the functionality available.
  • Problems with device testing in some regions.
  • Not always clear and understandable reporting.


- is a cross-browser testing tool for all QA activities. Provides Selenium automation grid with 3000+ real browsers and operating systems.

  • Live testing and real-time monitoring. Users can perform live interactive cross-browser testing of their public or locally hosted websites and web apps.
  • Flexible pricing (monthly, yearly, perpetual license).
  • Free version.
  • High-quality customer support system. Users can ask a question through different channels like phone, email, live support, tickets, and training. The support team is ready to analyze any questions about the platform work. Precise and quality support documentation.
  • Integrations. Easily integrates with leading bug tracking, project management, and CI/CD tools like Asana, GitLab, Jira, Trello, GitHub, Hive, Bitbucket, VSTS, and Slack.
  • Test Script Reviews.
  • Good for compatibility testing.
  • Slow test process on the cloud.

Sauce Labs

- is a cloud-based testing automation tool that enables testing desktop, mobile web, native, and hybrid apps.

  • Powerful cloud-based capabilities. There are all the tools users need to run tests across different browsers, platforms, integrations.
  • Open source coding. Developers can easily work within the open Selenium coding environment. 
  • Convenient dashboards and understandable reports. Everything is presented in dashboards with multiple useful metrics in one place. This helps to understand what are the problems and what is needed to solve them. Sauce Labs provides quality reports on each device.
  • Good license model, documentation, support.
  • Clear user interface.
  • Sometimes testing takes more time than expected.


- is a test automation platform for UI-testing web-applications on over 3000 combinations of browsers, real iOS and Android devices, and emulators.

  • Usability. Intuitive interface, software is easy to use, tool setup does not take much time.
  • One of the best cross-browser testing tools (according to user reviews). 
  • Speed. BrowserStack cloud helps to deploy parallel execution without delays. Effective for testing web pages and applications for errors in the code, adaptability, responsiveness.
  • Lots of testing devices available in the cloud. Emulators of real mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The test results are as close as possible to the real usage.
  • Reduced costs. Companies do not need to spend money on buying real devices for testing.
  • Lots of scripting languages and frameworks.
  • Integrations with lots of software solutions. BrowserStack easily connects with automation frameworks, CI/CD, build and deploy tools, app distribution, developer tools, JavaScript Testing, IDE, Browser Extension, Project management tools, CMS, record and playback, team communication tools, test case management.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time for real-time testing.
  • High prices for small companies that use the product only occasionally.
  • Insufficiently effective geological testing.
  • No deep analytics.


- is a testing tool for mobile, web and desktop applications. Run tests across multiple devices, platforms and environments.

  • Multiple scripting languages available. It is possible to use languages such as JavaScript, Python, VBScript, JScript (legacy), DelphiScript (legacy), C#Script (legacy), C++Script (legacy).
  • A handy reporting system. It doesn't need additional configuration to start using it.
  • The feature of recording and playing a test script.
  • AI-powered object recognition engine. The customer can automate object identification even for legacy applications.
  • Effective work of technical support. A good community where you can also find answers to questions related to working with the tool.
  • Reliable, stable tool. No bugs or glitches.
  • The tool is compatible with many software products, web applications, mobile applications.
  • Low entry threshold. You do not need to spend your time learning the platform to start working with it at a basic level.
  • The test object repository needs to be improved. 
  • Tests on the API side are not running.
  • The product doesn’t support Linux and iOS.
  • High prices.


- is a frontend testing automation tool for anything that runs in browsers.

  • Intuitive and readable interface. There are lots of useful features, such as screenshots in each step of debugging or a button to get the web-element in a couple of seconds.
  • Real browsers for running tests, but not simulators. This allows us to get results that are identical to the real user's experience.
  • Control of all the network requests that go in and out of the application. And this is useful for doing things like simulating what happens when a server has an error.
  • Testing of the visibility of elements. It means that if you want to test what happens when someone clicks on a certain button, but the button is not displayed or covered by another element, the test will be marked as failed.
  • Supports only JavaScript. The user can test a site written in another language, but tests themselves must be written in JavaScript.
  • It’s impossible to test multiple tabs in browsers or multiple browsers at the same time.
  • The tool does not allow you to visit two different super domains at the same time during the same test.


- is an all-in-one test automation tool for desktop, web, and mobile apps, reputed for its ability to handle the most complex user interfaces.

  • Perfect identification of UI elements.
  • The tool is suitable for team collaboration. Easily integrates with leading team collaboration solutions like Atlassian Jira, Bugzilla, Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, TestRail.
  • Video report on the execution of tests. It allows users to replay a test without re-running it. 
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Accessibility for testers without coding skills (function drag and drops for creating automated tests crips). You don’t need to have programming skills to create tests in Ranorex.
  • The work of the support service is not always correct.
  • Difficulties in recording when more than one technology is used for the app.
  • Virtual machines do not always accurately recognize images.


- is an AI-powered test automation analytics platform that helps to categorize test failures. Real-time reports and visibility into automated QA state.

  • Managing all automation results and reports in one place.
  • Integration with test automation frameworks (JBehave, Jasmine, SoapUI, JUnit, nUnit, TestNG, and Cucumber).
  • Getting analytics in real-time. The customer can begin an investigation of the failure reasons immediately after the test is completed.
  • Aggregating all information about several tests in one place including test history, logs, and attachments.
  • Classification of test failures, getting quick statistics around the launch as a whole. 
  • Auto-analyzer based on machine learning.
  • Many report types (SQL reports, OLAP reports, Crystal reports, and SSRS reports).
  • It's a good tool for analysis, but not for test execution.
  • Limited test history and trends analysis.
  • Requires a lot of hosting resources.