Product update digest March 2024: test plan, drag-and-drop feature, and more

Anton Bravin
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Jun 21, 2024
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New functionality for advanced testing: Test plan

We've added a test plan component that consolidates multiple test runs associated with a single milestone. Put simply, a test plan acts as a container for test runs and ensures the maintenance of more advanced testing strategies.

On the test plan page, you can view all test plans along with their titles, as well as important details regarding them, such as the environment within a distinct frame, the associated milestone, and creation information, including who created it and when. On the right-hand side, you'll find statistics for test cases and test runs.

Managing test plans is intuitive, enabling you to create, edit, and delete plans effortlessly.

More details about the test plan can be found here.

Drag-and-drop feature for moving and cloning multiple test cases

Now, you can drag and drop multiple test cases within the test repository to move or clone them. This ensures convenient and accurate placement of test cases, simplifying test management actions.

Public access to the test run

Now, any member of a project team (users with guest access are exceptions) can share a test run with a user who doesn't have access to Zebrunner. In the modal window, you can choose the duration for which access to the selected test run will be available. As a result, a user with public access can view the test run in read-only mode. You can deactivate the link to the test run at any time. Additionally, the link to this test run can be password-protected.

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