Product update digest May 2023. Improved search functionality, shared test suite links, and better control

Nadezhda Yushkevich
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Jun 21, 2024
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Search functionality for test suite selector

A new feature in the test suite selector field makes it easy to find and select test suites during the process of creation or editing. This enhancement streamlines the process of locating specific suites and offers greater convenience in organizing and navigating your test structure.

This ability allows you to generate shareable links for individual test suites. The link will direct the recipient to the corresponding suite, adapting to their preferred view type and highlighting the suite in the suite tree on the left.

Copy ID action in the Test run grid

Copy ID action has been included in the 3-dot menu for each test run in the grid. You can quickly copy the ID of a test run for reference or further actions.

Option to disable notification

This feature allows you to disable notifications specifically when relaunching your tests. Now, users get more control over notification preferences.

Test case executions API for 3rd party reporters

This API empowers external reporting tools to seamlessly submit test run results into our platform. 3rd party reporters now have a straightforward method to integrate their reporting systems with our platform. This enables them to effortlessly transmit and synchronize test run results, ensuring accurate and up-to-date reporting within our ecosystem.

Import test cases from TestRail via API

A feature allows you to migrate test cases from TestRail by connecting to its API from Zebrunner. This streamlined data import process supports custom fields and re-uploads images to Zebrunner during the import.

Test cases filtering by custom fields

This feature empowers users to leverage custom test case fields as filtering criteria in the test repository and during test run creation and editing. This capability offers increased flexibility in organizing and selecting test cases based on specific custom fields, providing users greater control over their testing processes.

Enhanced hardware resource management

The Zebrunner Executor now includes dedicated controls for specifying assigned resources. You can define resource limits and track utilization to manage hardware instances efficiently.

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