Product update digest December 2023: new test case page, test suite selector improvements, and more

Anton Bravin
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Jun 21, 2024
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A new test case page: quick access to comprehensive test data

We developed a dedicated test case page that consolidates all test case data, including general attributes, properties, attachments, and executions, on a single screen. Users can edit case attributes directly from this page. Access the test case page by middle-clicking (Cmd+click) on the test case ID in the list or by clicking on the test case ID in the sidebar or modal view. Note that copying a test case link will now copy the URL to this dedicated test case page.

Improvements to test suite selector: enhanced creation and search capabilities

The suite selector has undergone significant enhancements. Now it allows users to create a new test suite directly from the dropdown menu while creating or moving/cloning a test case. Improved search capabilities now highlight search matches for easier navigation and selection.

New selection mode in test repository: improved test case and suite management

The selection mode for the test repository enables bulk actions directly from the test repository. Users can select cases individually or multiple at once, with the ability to perform selection on a suite level. The mode needs to be activated via the 3-dot menu, a shortcut (Cmd+Shift+S for Mac or Ctrl+Shift+S for Windows), or by clicking any test case while holding down the Cmd key for Mac (or Ctrl key for Windows).

Improved project sorting feature

Previously, sorting was limited to project key and creation date. Now, you can sort projects by project name and the project lead alphabetically. When using the sorting option by the project lead, projects without a lead are positioned at the end of the list after sorting.

Sorting by the project name
Sorting by the project lead

Grouping feature for execution summary report

With this update, in TCM, you can now group execution summary report cases by priority and suites. Each group has its own statistics, calculated in the same way.

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