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Zebrunner Device Farm#

Zebrunner Device Farm is a cross-platform solution for multi-threaded test execution. It provides remote web access to physical devices (Android and iOS) including phones, tablets, TVs and can be used both for manual and automated testing 24/7.

Integration with Device Farm allows users to:

  1. Launch their Selenium tests against a managed Selenium grid of desktop and mobile browsers via Zebrunner UI
  2. View test session artifacts such as videorecording, logs and metadata
  3. Have access to Hub credentials in Quick Access panel on the Test runs view

Note: integration is supported on a per-project basis, meaning that different projects in Zebrunner can be connected to different Device Farm instances.


  • Your Zebrunner account should have Administrator role within a project, where integration needs to be enabled.


If you use the Pro version of Device Farm with the dedicated set of devices set up by Zebrunner team, the integration will be pre-configured and enabled by default.

Complete the following steps to make sure that integration is configured:

  1. Log in to your Zebrunner account and go to Integrations section of a project
  2. In the grid of available integrations find Zebrunner Device Farm tile and click on it
  3. Check, that the following fields are filled:
    • URL - link to the server where the Device Farm infrastructure is deployed
    • Username - the username that you use to sign in to your device farm
    • API Token - your personal access key to your private device farm Device Farm integration view

You can check if Device Farm is reachable by clicking the Test button. Additionally, it can be enabled or disabled if needed by clicking the power icon in the upper right corner.

In case the integration with Device Farm is not configured or does not work as expected, please contact us at

Launching tests against Zebrunner Device Farm#

With the integration configured, it is now possible to launch tests against the Device Farm. In order to do so, go to the Launcher view on the Test runs page, select a suite you want to launch and pick Zebrunner Device Farm from the list of available testing platforms.

Device Farm in Launcher

Note: Device Farm will only be visible as an option for Launcher if it is enabled in integration settings.