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Microsoft Teams#

Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for business communications.

Integration with Zebrunner allows users to configure notifications providing test run summary on its finish to desired teams or channel(s).

Note: integration is supported on a per-project basis, meaning that different projects in Zebrunner can be connected to different Microsoft Teams workspaces.


  • Your Zebrunner account should have Administrator role within a project, where integration needs to be enabled.


The following steps needs to be completed to configure Microsoft Teams integration:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams workspace
  2. In the left sidebar choose Apps category and search for Incoming Webhook. Click on it Apps - Incoming Webhook
  3. Press the Add to a team button Incoming Webhook view
  4. Type a team or channel name and click Set up a connector button Connector setup
  5. Enter a name (e.g. Zebrunner) - it will be used to sign messages, add avatar if needed. Click Create once you are done Webhook configuration
  6. Copy generated webhook and click Done Copy and finish
  7. Log in to your Zebrunner account and go to Integrations section of a project, where integration needs to be configured
  8. In the grid of available integrations find Microsoft Teams tile and click on it
  9. Enter channel name or alias and webhook to the corresponding fields and hit Save Microsoft Teams integration view Note: you don't need to use the exact channel name, alias can be used instead. However, in order for notifications to work you'll have to make sure, that target channel name matches the name given to this webhook in integration settings

Note 2: you can configure up to 20 webhooks that can be used as a notification targets at the moment

Note 3: every webhook configured has it's own Test button. It will send a dummy message to a corresponding channel if everything is configured properly

Integration is now configured. It can be enabled or disabled if needed by clicking power icon in the upper right corner.

Configuring test run notifications#

In order to configure notifications for test runs you'll have to provide additional parameters to reporting agent configuration.

REPORTING_NOTIFICATION_MS_TEAMS_CHANNELS environment variable should be available at runtime (e.g. REPORTING_NOTIFICATION_MS_TEAMS_CHANNELS=channel-01,channel-02. Alternatively, such configuration can be provided via .yaml or .properties configuration file, please see documentation for reporting agent you are using.

Note, that you can send notification to multiple channels - separate channel names with comma (e.g. channel-01,channel-02).

Once you'll have configuration in place you'll be able to see notifications on test run finish:

Notification example