Testing AI: five obstacles and seven workarounds

Nadezhda Yushkevich
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Jul 1, 2024
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Welcome to the 3rd Zebrunner Expert Series Webinar! In this session, we dive deep into the world of AI testing with industry legend Michael Bolton (yes, the Michael Bolton!).

Feeling overwhelmed by the hype around AI testing?

Michael cuts through the noise and helps you understand what AI truly is and what it means for testing practices.
In this session, you'll gain:

  • Practical strategies to navigate the hype surrounding AI and its testing challenges.
  • Expert insights on analysing AI- and LLM-based products.
  • Actionable steps for applying core testing skills to ensure the reliability and robustness of your AI-powered applications.

Michael Bolton says:

There's an incredible amount of noise around artificial intelligence these days, but very little reliable signal. AI will bring doom and destruction, or a world where cheerful robots feed us peeled grapes while we lie on the couch. Some say AI is already replacing the jobs of creative people; others say creative people will improve their jobs by using AI. Meanwhile, it's not even clear on what people mean by AI.
How do we make sense of it all?
Serious testers know how to make sense of things: we test. That's sometimes tricky, and AI in particular brings some special problems. AI is by nature obscure and fragile. It intrudes into human social life, it comes packaged with wishful claims, and the current flood of hype makes criticism socially challenging.
The good news is that real testing can step up and work around the obstacles. The skills of analysis, investigation, and critical thinking — and an understanding of testing's essential missions — apply to any socio-technical product. Now testers and developers need to apply these skills more than ever. One thing is for sure: traditional, formalized, procedurally structured test cases won't do the job.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most authoritative voices in software testing. 

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